Monday, March 7, 2011

Carnaval 2011

From a very young age, I have always been deeply fascinated by the Carnaval. The exuberant colors, the imagination and the creativity displayed in the stunning costumes seemed to create a magical world that could be fully marveled by everyone around the world. Although I unfortunately could not be back to celebrate Carnaval in my beautiful homeland (Brazil), I did attend an awesome Mardi Gras party over the weekend that gave me a little taste of the colorful world of my early childhood years.
Here are some amazing pictures from this years Carnaval in Brazil.

Ps--> The first two pictures are of me from this weekend at the Mardi Gras party.
Isn't that mask just amazing?? I'm in love. I might just wear it around on a daily basis.


Annabelle Fleur said...

Yeah, the mask it really beautiful! But girl, you are amazing! You are so gorgeous!!! Love these pics!!!


JRDM designs & photography said...

We are going next year to brazil!!! We have to experience it together =) love ittttttttt

Ilse said...

ahh I would love to see that irl sometime! it's so glamorous!!

Cara said...

Gorgeous mask! You look amazing
xo Cara

Rene Braun said...

I just can tell you, your blog is amazing and i follow you <3



Fash Boulevard said...

OMG. I love your blog. My name's Anna, I'm a stylist and visual merchandiser in LA. I just started my own Fashion site. Check it out for multiple post a day on all things fashion. I'm following, I hope you'll follow back.
Thanks love. xoxo.


you look stunning with that mask on!! xo

allie said...

The mask is gorgeous!! I lived in Trinidad for a while but wasn't there for Carnaval which was such a huge disappointment :( Oh well, next time!!!

xo, allie

michelle_ said...

great photos !!
this event seems sooo festive with all those costumes !

Tea Joeli said...

absolutely love your blog!
the carnaval pictures are so inspiring:)

Sabrina O. said...

Amazing! I wish carnival in the Netherlands would be more glamourous as in these pictures!

Wunmi W-A said...

what vibrant pics.. love the masks and colourfulnessss!!!

Love your blog

Sick by Trend said...

cool pics!! how was ur Carnaval? im following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me :)



Una said...

so cool masks and costumes! beautiful pictures !!

LOVE JOICE said...

Beautiful pictures! you are very talented photographer! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

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